Advantages Of Using Office For Mac

Office For Mac

Microsoft came out with the Office for Mac in2016 after a long hiatus of five years. The disappointing 2011 version of Office for Mac has been replaced by this new version which offers a lot more compatibility and features parity between these two different ecosystems. The design is modern and has improved familiarity with Office for Windows 2013. Download Microsoft office for Mac for a better understanding of this product.

Let us check how the different applications have been adapted to offer an integrated experience to the users. Different features like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. which is part of the Office have been tweaked and included in this suite. We discussed this topic with the experts at to get a clearer picture of the changes that have been made to create this user-friendly interface.

A new collaborative authoring and editing platform has been created that allows several users to work on the same document simultaneously. It requires both the users to save/sync their work for the other user to see the editing/changes done. Another new feature that has been added is the Styles panes on the right which make it easier to apply styles to selected characters and paragraphs. Its appearance is quite different from Word 2013 for Windows, but functionally it is almost similar.

It also has an innovative threaded comment capability which makes communication between users easier. The new Picture Format ribbon is another useful addition to this Office for Mac. The new multifunctional Navigation Pane adds a new navigation type to the already existing three.

The best feature of the Excel 2016 is that many of the keyboard shortcuts that were used with Excel 2013 are recognised by the Excel 2016. This is, indeed, great news for people who keep switching between Windows and Mac. Excel 2016 for Mac will also save the file directly as PDF. There is a Formula Builder and an autocomplete feature that has been a part of Excel 2013 which made it to this version of the Excel for Mac. It also boasts of a new Analysis ToolPak to do statistical functions and new data filter buttons as well.

This has a very useful Presenter View now which displays the current slide, the next slide, speaker notes and a timer on one monitor while only projecting the presentation before the audience. There is also a new Animation pane that is helpful in designing animations. Sharing of your presentation and inviting collaboration also become easier on this new PowerPoint 2016. It also apparently supports the “double save” collaboration feature found in Word 2016 and Excel 2016.

There are several improvements in this tool too. You are given the option to propose a new time when a meeting is declined. Weather forecasts in the calendar, syncing of categories, etc. are some of the useful additions in this version. A smarter email threading option is also introduced in Outlook 2016.

The Office for Mac proves that Microsoft is keen to bring fully functional Office versions across all popular platforms.