Is Siteground A Better Choice? Find Out Now!

HostGator-vs-SiteGroundSiteground is not a new word to web hosting. It has earned a position in the WordPress space. Siteground was formed in 2004 with the hard work of a team of university students. The hard work did pay and Siteground became one of the reputed web hosting service provider. Many people have given different opinions when it came to the Siteground review.

Some people think it as the best host provider for small business while some think that it can provide services to not only small but also big business with the plans they offer. As per, Siteground is one of the major reputed web host provider available today. Siteground not only support WordPress but also gives hosting options for Magento, Joomla, PrestaShop and Drupal which are available in dedicated, cloud and reseller packages. Siteground provides email hosting too.

The major advantage of Siteground is its customer service and the performance. These two are the major things that are needed for a successful company. As a customer, you can be sure that you will get the best customer service from Siteground. The dedicated team of Siteground is more than happy to help you once you lodge a query and raise a ticket.

Like the other companies, Siteground does not let the customer wait with the query. They close the query only when the customer is satisfied and happy. The knowledgeable team of Siteground gives clear information to the customer right on time and they make sure that the user gets a clear idea of what went wrong. This type of customer service is what a user expects from a team of professionals.

Siteground has got a 100 percent Uptime reliability which most of the hosting providers does not have. The loading time of the page is quite impressive if you are using Siteground as your web hosting provider. The pages get loaded within one second which is an unbelievable advantage of Siteground. The quality of the service provided by Siteground is commendable when you look at the reasonable rate they provide.

There are some security packages which come with taking Siteground as your web host. They have a powerful firewall that blocks access to the website, once they found any malware. This facility comes only with Siteground. It provides a daily auto update so that the plug-ins can also get updated. If you do not like auto update then there is a facility for you to turn off this setting and update things manually.

Siteground provides you free CDN service so that you can increase the speed of your site which can help the worldwide users to check your website. This web host provider first gives you a trial period of 30 days and if you are happy with the service you can take the host provider and if not they guarantee t return the money which you have invested. It provides you a free domain name too. So if you plan to take a web host provider, include siteground in your list too so that you don’t miss the right hosting provider.